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Why Alpaca?

posted by Prairie Wind Alpacas    |   February 24, 2013 17:27

Why Alpaca?

Alpaca fiber is known as one of the finest natural fibers in the world.  For  years Alpaca fiber was considered the clothing of royalty because it was rare, luxuriously soft, and warmer than the more common wool.  

Alpacas originated in Peru, Chile and Bolivia, but in the last few decades they have been imported to North America as people realize the benefits of caring and raising these gentle, curious animals. They were first imported to Canada in the 1990s. Since then, the Canadian Alpaca Industry has developed an international reputation for quality breeding stock.  

Although alpaca are fairly new to Canada it is becoming more widely known and we love introducing people to its natural benefits and silky-softness.   

Breathable & Comfortable 

 Unlike wool, alpaca fiber has a hollow core, which allows the fiber to breathe which provides comfort.  Pockets of air become trapped in the hollow core and  act as insulators against both cold and heat.  


 Because Alpaca fiber does not contain lanolin (a natural oil that wool contains), it is naturally hypo-allergenic.


Advantages over Wool

·         Stronger

·         Hallow fibre

·         Warmer

·         Softer, less irritating to the skin

·         Naturally hypoallergenic

·         Lanolin free - which results in it staying cleaner longer

·         Won't mat or pill

·         Less shrinkage

·         Thermostatically superior


Advantages over Synthetics  

·         Superior breathability

·         Naturally wicks moisture away from the body, keeping you warmer and more comfortable

·         Lighter and warmer due to hallow core

·         Flame resistant  

·         Naturally windproof

·         Stain resistant

·         Easy dyed

·         Resists acquiring odors


Benefits of Alpaca Socks

·         Alpaca fibre is naturally breathable and wick moisture away from the body so your feet stay warm and dry, even as body and room temperatures fluctuate

·         Keeps you warmer in cold weather and cooler in warm weather

·         Less irritating and softer than wool - great for diabetic feet

·         Because of the smooth hairs alpaca fibre resists acquiring odors.

·         Protect your feet from blisters and bacteria


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