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Double Layer Mitts

posted by Prairie Wind Alpacas    |   September 28, 2012 23:23

Here is a pair of very warm mitts. This pair was made using both brown and black yarn.


Rovings ready to go

posted by Prairie Wind Alpacas    |   September 25, 2012 23:19
A pail of rovings all ready to make some thrum mitts out of!


2012 Christmas Craft Sales

posted by Prairie Wind Alpacas    |   September 25, 2012 18:01
With Christmas exactly 3 months away we thought we would let you know about our upcoming Christmas Craft Sales:

Twilight Hall Craft and Bake Fair
(12 miles west of Saskatoon off hwy#14- follow the signs)
November 24 & 25 10am - 5pm

Sundog Arts and Entertainment Faire:
November 30 - 5pm to 10pm.
December 1 - 10am to 10pm
December 2 - 11am to 5pm

Pike Lake Hall:
December 9 – 10am – 4pm


Zuken Baby Slippers

posted by Prairie Wind Alpacas    |   September 22, 2012 23:16

 Here is a pink pair of Zuken baby slippers. A new Prairie Wind Alpacas product.

This European old world stitch dates back to the late 1700’s and is known to many as The Secret Stitch or Zuken. In German the word for socks is “Socken...”. This Secret Stitch-Zuken was used mostly by men. They would use a wooden hook made from the spindle of a chair to latch stitches of heavy wool or rovings together. The men would zuk long socks to wear in their rubber boots so they could do chores in extremely cold weather. The Zuken stitch is windproof and the natural fibre helps keep you warm.


Thrum Mitts in Progress

posted by Prairie Wind Alpacas    |   September 19, 2012 22:57
Working on a pair of thrum mitts that will be ready to go for the next show!


Thank You - Floral Acres Craft Show

posted by Prairie Wind Alpacas    |   September 17, 2012 17:53

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us at Floral Acres this weekend. We will be spending this week putting away all the product we hauled there for the show!

We took some product pictures while we were at Floral Acres and we will be posting some pictures over the next little while.



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