Prairie Wind Alpacas

Shearing 2011

posted by Prairie Wind Alpacas    |   May 17, 2011 20:13

It took 4 days and 8 people but we are happy to announce that we have wrapped up shearing for another year! This year we sheared 35 alpacas, 34 of our own and 1 from a local farm school. Over the 4 days there were 4 show fleeces, 105 needles, 140 sets of toenails, 10 sets of fighting teeth to grind down and 14 sets of front teeth to trim! Everything went smoothly over the 4 days and everyone, including the animals survived! Again this year Jennie sheared the animals, Sarah sorted the fibre and everyone else helped out where they could!

The day after being sheared Eclipse and Pandor left our farm, as they were purchased by someone in Southern Saskatchewan.




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