Prairie Wind Alpacas
Prairie Wind Alpacas
Name: PWA Paris

Breed Type: Huacaya

Alpaca Type: Proven Female

Organisations Registered With: CLAA# 39170

Description: PWA Paris is an extremely curious, friendly female. She loves to walk up to nuzzle your neck! Her personality and strong genetics would make her an asset in any herd.

Colour: Dark Fawn

Date of Birth: June 11, 2009

                    NCG Lionel
          Fibre Works Diamante
                    Elite Shelly

  High Plains Dynamo

                    PPeruvian Javier
          High Plains Javianna
                    PPeruvian Jullieta

PWA Paris

                    LCDA 4039
          DLA 3186
                    LCDA 43


                    MMR Black Shadow
          Baco Bambino
                    Royal Milky Way

Fleece Information
Last fibre sample
AFD: 30.3
SD: 4.9
CV: 16.2